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​Hard Swingin', Groovy

             & Soulful Jazz

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Jazz Guitarist / Composer

He has been called "one of Finland's best kept secrets", the highly acclaimed guitarist and composer Mathias Sandberg is one of the hardest working jazz musicians in the country.

For the past 15 years, he has been touring with some of the greatest artist on the Nordic jazz scene, including Georg Riedel, Pierre Swärd, Peter Asplund, Nick Mancini, Jukka Eskola, Teppo Mäkynen, Manuel Dunkel and many others. Sandberg plays a hundred or so concerts a year and has toured both Europe and the United States.

Sandberg's latest album The Doctor has received both huge critical review and airplay on jazz radio stations in Europe, United States, South America, Asia and Australia.

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Born in Jakobstad on the west coast of Finland, Sandberg started playing guitar at the age of eleven and landed a teaching job at the main music school in the region just five years later. After graduating from the conservatory in his hometown and a short stint at the Berklee College of Music, he moved to New York City to attend the prestigious Manhattan School of Music.

After returning back to Finland to his new home base of Vaasa, he formed the Mariah Hortans / M Sandberg Duo, with whom he has released three albums and played more than 650 concerts both domestically and in the US.

Sandberg also fomed the now almost legendary soul jazz quartet Dr. Sandberg's Soul Clinic. Though the band was short-lived, "The Doctor", as he is still referred to, soon formed the first incarnation of the Mathias Sandberg Trio, which has since become the hardest touring jazz group in Finland.

​In the last two years, the Mathias Sandberg Trio has in spite of several lockdowns, played more than 80 concerts from Kolari in the North to Helsinki in the South - in line with their socially and environmentally informed motto of bringing jazz to the people, not the other way around.

Sandberg's highly anticipated new trio album "The Captain" will be released in March 2023.



Mathias Sandberg - The Doctor

Sandberg's critically acclaimed trio album ”The Doctor” showcases his unique blend of hard swingin', groovy and soulful jazz with strong melodic writing, rhythmically playful improvisation and a delightful, almost telepathic interplay between the three.


"Superb debut album... such a fresh take on the genre...

his tone is gorgeous throughout... as tight as it gets."

-Rochester City News

”This is an excellent album... swings from start to finish.”

-Jazz Journal

"The perfect musical medication for any occasion" -All About Jazz

"Maailmanluokkainen en on se sana, joka levystä The Doctor nousee väistämättä mieleen...yksi Suomen parhaiten varjelluista salaisuuksista. Todellakin!" -Karjalainen

"Suvereenisti viihdyttävän kitarajazzin puutteesta kärsivien kannattaa hakeutua vaasalaisen tohtori Mathias Sandbergin vastaanotolle."

-Satakunnan Kansa

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Mathias Sandberg - Good Enough (Ain't Good Enough) (Official Video)

Mathias Sandberg - Good Enough (Ain't Good Enough) (Official Video)

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Mathias Sandberg - Brewin' (Live in Somero, July 2021)

Mathias Sandberg - Brewin' (Live in Somero, July 2021)

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Sandberg/Helevä/Mäkynen: "Sunday Nap"

Sandberg/Helevä/Mäkynen: "Sunday Nap"

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Mathias Sandberg - Not Yet (Official Video)

Mathias Sandberg - Not Yet (Official Video)

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                                                  TOUR DATES 2023

                                            21 Jan 13:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Kokkolan kaupunginkirjasto, Kokkola

                                            21 Jan 22:00  Mariah Hortans / M Sandberg Duo, private event

                                            22 Jan 16:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Kulmajazz, Oulainen

                                            23 Jan 18:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Ravintola Olof, Tornio

                                            24 Jan 18:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Sallan Poropuisto, Salla

                                            25 Jan 18:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Enontekiön kirjasto, Enontekiö

                                            26 Jan 13:30  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Luppokoti, Enontekiö

                                            26 Jan 18:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Muonion kirjasto, Muonio

                                            27 Jan 13:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Ylläs Jazz Blues Festival, Äkäslompolo

                                            27 Jan 18:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Ylitornion Auditorio, Ylitornio

                                            28 Jan 16:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Vääräjokisali, Sievi

                                            18 Feb 20:00  Mikko Gunu Karjalainen, Doo-Bop Club, Vaasa

                                              6 Mar 19:00  Organic Growth, Monday Jazz Happening @ Rica Bar, Turku

                                              8 Mar 19:30  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Vaasa Jazz Club @ Tørst, Vaasan

                                              9 Mar 19:00  Sandberg w/ Mikko Helevä & Teppo Mäkynen, Koko Jazz Club, Helsinki

                                            10 Mar 18:00  Bäckström-Nylund Trio feat. Mathias Sandberg, Musta Kissa, Helsinki

                                            24 Mar 19:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Krs Jazz @ Jungman, Kristiinankaupunki

                                            25 Mar 20:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Doo-Bop Club, Vaasa

                                            29 Mar 19:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, Station 23, Pietarsaari

                                              2 Apr 19:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, SunJazz @ Tenho Restobar, Helsinki

                                              3 Apr 19:00  Mathias Sandberg Trio, East Coast Jazz Club, Kotka

                                              5 Apr 20:00  The New Standard w/ Mathias Sandberg, Bier-Bier, Helsinki

                                              6 Apr 17:00  Manala Afterwork Jazz w/ Mathias Sandberg, Manala, Helsinki

                                            14 Apr 19:00  Organic Growth, ELive Jazz, Kokkola

                                            15 Apr 20:00  Organic Growth, Doo-Bop Club, Vaasa

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Mathias Sandberg

Kustaalantie 64

65300 Vaasa


+358 50 380 6027


Thanks to Svenska kulturfonden, Taike, MES, Eugène, Elisabeth och Birgit Nygréns stiftelse,

Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet and Konstsamfundet for financial support.

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